duminică, 23 iulie 2006

Update to the below

Update to the below
HR4411 has passed today, by a margin of 317-93. Exact text on HR4411. http://www.theorator.com/bills109/hr4411.html
A few things. First off, as was said on ITH and elsewhere, I'm very disappointed in the defense of poker today. No real strong arguments were brought up. The WTO's objection was not brought up. No strong rebuttals to the terrible sob stories were brought up. Online gambling basically rolled over and took it's beating, with the possible exception of the Nevada representatives who at least did their best.
Secondly, I'm disappointed that it passed with such a large margin. Rumblings were that this would probably get through the House, but the way I heard it, it was going to be significantly closer than this. This is a certified landslide.
This isn't over. There's still the Senate. There's also the very likely chance that the Senate won't consider this until far off in the future. There's also the chance that the pro-gambling forces could get their damn act together and show why this is such a bad idea.
At least my representative voted against this. Go Dreier! I'd like to think that the deluge of letters and emails made a difference. (For the record, Dreier also supports NO ASS. He's a great American) Check what your representative voted here: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2006/roll363.xml
But I'm still very worried right now.

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