duminică, 23 iulie 2006

Moving process

Moving process
There's nothing like moving to make you realize what you have. And what I have is too much junk and not enough useful stuff. I've spent the past week doing the whole moving in process and re-arranging my new room at least 10-15 times. And right now we're roughly back to where we started last week, but now I have a much better understanding of the exact look of all my things from every angle. Or something like that.
Also, I've realized that most of my things are too ratty for a nicer place. Everything looks out of place. I mean, say what you will about rats and cockroaches, but they at least made me feel at home. It's also good for my self esteem when I feel above my surroundings. Here I feel distinctly beneath my surroundings. I feel this great social pressure to upgrade everything in my life. Like, in the garage, my car stands out. While it is nice that my car is no longer a target of rage for an angry tire slashing cosplay demon, it doesn't fit in with a Lexus in the space behind me, a BMW in the space to the left and 2 Benzes in the space to the right. It's like high school all over again...except instead of shoes and jeans, it's cars.
Other than that though, so far things have been amazing. Just haven't had time for much poker lately. The biggest problem is that without a desk, the computer is just sitting on the floor. It's hard to play long sessions when my back starts cramping up. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for it next week. 8 hour sessions on WPX all week next week. I wonder if it's possible to make $1500 in rakeback in 1 week.

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