vineri, 23 iunie 2006

Results for the month of June

Results for the month of June

Rakeback: $1129
Poker Profits: $791
Sun: http://www.sunpoker/ com
Bonus: $40
Poker Profits: $117
Will Hill: http://www.williamhillpoker/ com
Bonus: $25
Poker Profits: $177
Bonus: $250
Poker Profits: $373
Poker Plex:
Bonus: $50
Poker Profits: -$257
Poker Stars:
Bonus: $0 (not earned yet)
Poker Profits: $295
Money made off Bonuses/Rakeback: $1494
Money made off Poker Profits: $1496
The final numbers for June: $2990

I thought I'd do this a couple days early since I'm in the process of moving and about to dismantle the computer and be offline for the next week or so. It'll take a couple days for me to get Internet services connected again and I'll be in Los Angeles July 1 and 2 for the Evo West regional.

Anyways, it was a pretty good month this month. Breaking it down even further, there were very few losing days. Obviously there were a few, but overall things just kind of progressed slowly, usually winding up on the positive side of even. Very few big wins too. Just steady, careful progress. If only grinding was always this easy! Strange for me since I'm usually so streaky.
The other major change for me is the dramatic lessening of sites I've been playing at. As you can see, I spent most of the month on World Poker Exchange this month. And I plan on doing so in the near future. Quite frankly speaking, 100% rakeback is the best deal on the net, bar none. The only reason I even have other sites up is because in the beginning of this month the tables were a little sparse and you're only allowed 3 tables at a time. Otherwise, I probably would have never left. Even the very best bonuses at other networks don't come out to 100% rakeback. Now that the traffic is improving, things just seem to be looking up for WPX.
I stuck with Crypto as my site for extra tables because of some great offers. This month Interpoker has been having pocket kings promotions almost every week, so combining that promotion, with their $30 for 350 raked and their monthly bonus, it's been the only thing close to WPX. Other than that though, there just doesn't seem to be that much of a reason to be chasing bonuses from here on out. Poker Room network has been running a whole lot of bonuses this month and for the first time ever, I gleefully told them where they could stick their 10x bonuses and their rock tight tables. I can't tell you how good it felt to see the BW bonus updates in my email and to just click delete.
I don't mean to sound like a shill for WPX, but it's just a dramatically better deal than anything else on the internet (other than propping), and it's so much easier. Once they add saved hand histories and fix the software, it'll be a dream come true.

Another site on the boycott list

Time to uninstall Check n' Raise poker from the computer. Why? Take a look at this from ITH (also reposted to 2+2 and RGP):
(emailed from CnR poker to winners of WSOP seats)
"We regret to inform you that CnR will be unable, at this time, to make a lump sum payment for the 10 WSOP seats that were won this year through the “CheckPoints to Millions” and “Freeway to Vegas” promotions on ChecknRaisePoker. However, we plan to make this up to you over the coming months. We will deposit into your player account 5% or more, as cash flow permits, of the value of your entry in monthly installments starting July 31st , 2006 until 110% of the cash equivalent is paid in full.
Unfortunately our cash flow did not allow us to set aside sufficient funds from the time that you won your seat in March. If you plan to attend the WSOP in any event, we wish you the best of luck and we are sure you will have a great time.
Please accept our sincere apologies for having to break this news to you just weeks prior to the event we promised you. Please do not hesitate to contact us by return email, if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to speak to us by phone, please suggest a convenient time and provide a phone number and we would be happy to call you and provide more details and answer any questions that you may have.
Best Regards,
XXXX and the ChecknRaise Team"
Wow. Just wow. First off, how could they have mismanaged money this poorly? What this basically means is that they STOLE the money from the tournament entry fees that were to pay for the WSOP seats. That's borderline criminal. Then this casts serious doubts on their cash flow situation if they couldn't raise $50,000 in a pinch. For a room that's a part of a large network like the Poker Room network, they should be doing that in a couple hours, maybe a day or two max. I seriously doubt any of the winners will be seeing any of this money.
As if anyone needed any more of a reason to not play at Poker Room or skins, here's one. I'll certainly never play at CnR ever again.
Free poker money

World Cup is rigged

My thoughts on the World Cup game and they're brief.
--When did they hire Dick Bavetta to ref World Cup games? I mean really, the US has been jobbed out two games in a row. I don't even care about/like soccer and I feel like rioting anyways.
--And that's another thing. While I do like a healthy dose of nationalism at 7 in the morning. It sure beats coffee, or that horrible Folgers ad that's been making rounds on the Internet lately. If you haven't seen it yet, clicky. It's worth it:  .
But yeah, the downside about having a sports event on at 7am is that it's now 11am and I'm thoroughly disappointed in sports. There's a reason these things are usually late at night. Cause like...I really do feel like turning over cars, drinking and setting something on fire. But it's only 11! This would be inappropriate with the sun still up. And by the time the sun goes down, I'll be calm and normal.
--This is supposed to be the best US team ever? I mean, I realize that if we had Mexico's bracket we would have won something but still...underacheiving sucks.
--Also, why the hell do we have short people playing on our team. I don't know much about soccer, but I know that at least 1/2 of attacking for good teams (which would be about 90% for bad teams like us) is throwing prayers into the box and having jump balls. So it stands to reason that tall people have an advantage. The announcers kept crapping themselves over the 6'8" Czech guy during that game, for example.
We're a nation known for being large. When foreign people came to UCSD, they would always remark about how tall and big everyone was over here, and American is synonymous with "bigger" to a lot of Europeans. Yet we have 2 guys who are 5'6" in cleats starting for our team and another couple guys under 6'. Come on! You're telling me you couldn't find a couple college basketball washouts and send them out there?
Blah. This has pissed me off enough. I'm off to go waste gas, eat at McDonald's and call someone a terrorist if they don't look like me. American power.